Ready to dive into the wonderful world of Pinterest but feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't worry, we've got you covered! With our Pinterest Strategy Planner, you'll have all the tools and guidance you need to kick-start your Pinterest marketing strategy with ease and confidence.
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just...

attract a steady stream of customers who are actively searching for the types of products, services, and content you offer

increase your visibility on the platform, reach a broader audience, and establish your brand as a go-to resource in your niche

build meaningful connections with your target audience, foster engagement, and drive higher conversion rates = more sales!

How long have you been wanting to dive into the world of Pinterest and leverage its power for your business or creative endeavors? Pinterest can seem like a rabbit's hole, making it difficult to know how to navigate its intricacies and harness its full marketing potential. The sheer volume of information out there may have left you feeling confused and unsure about the right strategies to implement. It's understandable that adding another task to your plate may have felt like a daunting prospect. 

But there's good news! All of that confusion can be overcome, there is a way through the Pinterest maze. You can gain the confidence and knowledge needed to forge ahead. All you need is a comprehensive roadmap at your fingertips, that empowers you to take decisive action towards your Pinterest marketing goals

Introducing the Pinterest Strategy Planner!

Take that first step, break through the barriers, and unlock the immense potential that Pinterest holds for your business or creative pursuits. The planner streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and effort. It empowers you to overcome the challenges that once held you back and allows you to unlock the immense potential that Pinterest holds for your business or creative pursuits.

Harness the Power of Pinterest and take your marketing to the next level
What You'll Get With The Planner:

This 71-page planner gives you an easy guide to market on Pinterest and start using it to strategically to attract your dream clients on autopilot.
spreadsheet tracker
A Spreadsheet designed to keep you organized and structured as you create your perfect pinning strategy.
trello board
For those who prefer to track their progress using Trello, I've provided you and glossy way to organize and maintain your pinning process.
pin templates
You're going to need pin templates to create those drool-worthy pins that will make you stand out in the crowd. You can customize them, add your branding, and pin them!

Because there are countless entrepreneurs and content creators who have already revolutionized their online presence with the ultimate visual search engine called Pinterest. 

They've seen the results, and now it's your turn.

Got questions? Let me break 'em down

  • Is this a done-for-you Pinterest Strategy?
    No, this is not done-for-you content. While it does provide the complete framework to use Pinterest to its full advantage, YOU have to do the work.
  • How do I know this Planner is a good fit for my business?
    The Pinterest Strategy Planner is ideal for coaches, service providers, bloggers, and other creatives looking to set up a Pinterest Business account to generate sales, leads, and traffic from Pinterest.

    Basically, if you sell, you can use the plan to drastically improve your conversion rates on Pinterest.
  • Are these the same templates from the Optimization Kit?
    No, these are 10 additional templates. When you get the Optimization Kit and this planner, you get a total of 15 pin templates to use in your strategy!
  • Is the same spreadsheet from the Optimization Kit?
    Nope. This spreadsheet give you a place to keep your template links, your keyword research, your board descriptions, your Communities list, and all the monthly planning for your Pinterest strategy. This thing is invaluable to maintaining a great Pinterest account!

Please note: Because you will receive this digital product instantly, there are NO REFUNDS offered!

With The Pinterest Strategy Planner, get ready to…

Build A Foundation For Pinterest Success: It’s important to know how to use the platform by familiarizing yourself with the guidelines and strategies to get the best out of Pinterest.

Optimize For Pinterest Success: Niche-specific keywords, an up-to-date bio and profile pic, maintaining the right boards, titles, and descriptions will keep the flow of traffic steady.

Plan for Pinterest Success: Record Pinterest trends, forecast your Pinterest marketing, plan content, and get your Pinterest schedule finalized with ease.

Design A Path For Pinterest Success: With a clear content plan, you can inspire your soon-to-be clients to click your pin, read your blog, buy your product, or join your list.

Organize For Pinterest Success: Keep track of analytics, income, affiliates, ads, and all the details of running and maintaining a successful Pinterest account.

Start pinning today for only $27!
Are You Looking To...

Streamline Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy? This planner breaks down the essential steps and guides you through each one, ensuring that you have a well-defined strategy in place. From optimizing your profile to creating eye-catching pins, you'll have all the tools and guidance you need to attract your dream clients and skyrocket your online presence.

Increase Traffic, Leads, and Conversions? By implementing the strategies outlined in the planner, you can attract more targeted traffic, engage with your ideal audience, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers or clients. Watch your website analytics soar as you tap into the immense potential of Pinterest marketing.

Save Time and Effort? Say goodbye to hours of aimless scrolling and guesswork. The included pin templates and spreadsheet tracker help you stay organized and efficient, maximizing your productivity.

Are you ready to turn your Pinterest dreams into a reality? Grab your planner today and let's embark on this adventure together. Say hello to more traffic, more leads, and more conversions—all with a touch of Pinterest pizzazz.

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